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The City of Amsterdam and Airbnb announced an agreement that will promote responsible home sharing and simplify the payment of tourist tax for hosts in the City.

In the agreement signed by Airbnb and Aldermen Laurens Ivens (Housing) and Udo Kock (Finance), the City and Airbnb will work together to provide hosts with clearer and more accessible information on the rules for home sharing. Airbnb will also simplify the payment of tourist tax by collecting and remitting these taxes on behalf of hosts.

The partnership, which is the first of its kind in Europe, is good news for residents who share their homes through Airbnb. It comes after Amsterdam City leaders called on a wide range of home sharing companies to share their ideas about responsible home sharing in the city. It also furthers Amsterdam’s reputation for being a hospitable city that embraces innovation and the sharing economy.

The agreement between the City of Amsterdam and Airbnb will take effect from 1 January 2015. Under the agreement:

  • Airbnb and the City Government will further develop the webpage for hosts that includes information and links to rules that may affect people renting their homes in Amsterdam, including a link to a brochure from the City Council.  
  • Airbnb will prominently display a summary of these rules and hosts will be required to actively declare that they understand and will comply with them before they can post their listing.
  • Airbnb will collect and remit tourist tax on behalf of hosts beginning in February 2015.
  • Airbnb will send email updates twice a year to remind local hosts of the rules and regulations in Amsterdam.
  • Airbnb and the City Government will join forces to push back on illegal hotels.
    Alderman Laurens Ivens (Housing): "We’re happy that we can make it easier for residents to rent out their homes according to the rules during their own holiday. This agreement will ensure that hosts receive clear information on how to share their homes responsibly and in accordance with local laws.“

Alderman Udo Kock (Finance): "This is an important partnership for Airbnb and Amsterdam. The tax agreement ensures that the rules apply equally and fairly to everyone."

Airbnb co-founder Nathan Blecharczyk said: "We are delighted to be working alongside the City of Amsterdam to promote responsible home sharing in this great city. We are glad Amsterdam has enacted progressive rules that allow people to share their homes with respectful guests who want to experience new communities and live like locals."

Amsterdam is an increasingly popular city to visit and local residents are enjoying the benefits of sharing their homes - of which 73% are located outside the neighbourhoods where most hotels are located. Airbnb data shows that the average Airbnb guest is over 30 years old, educated and professional. On average, they stay longer than hotel guests and are more likely to return to the city.

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